Join the First CPH Data Drinks! 17 Oct. 19:00 Cafe Retro, CPH.

05-10-2012 20:23:16

Hi, sorry for posting in English (I can read Danish somewhat, but not write/speak it)

You are invited to the first ever Copenhagen Data Drinks! On 17 October all those interested in open data are welcome to join us at the Cafe Retro. See (and rsvp at) http://www.meetup.com/CPH-Data-Drinks/events/85665792/

Data Drinks are informal meet-ups to help stimulate the network of coders, entrepreneurs, civil servants, designers, academics, all other citizens around open data. A strong network is needed to bring open government data forward. By knowing what others are doing, it is easier for civil servants to see how they can help or convince colleagues, and easier for data users to come up with even better ideas, and support each other in improving their applications etc.

I'm the community steward of the ePSIplatform.eu, Europe's one stop shop for all open data news (financed by the European Commission). In my own home town I regularly host Data Drinks with a group of local data activists. In Berlin, Vienna and other cities Data Drinks, or their local varieties, are an excellent way to bring open data forward in an informal and 'safe' setting.

Data Drinks: Where (free) drinks get transmogrified into free data ;)

Join us at the First CPH Data Drinks http://www.meetup.com/CPH-Data-Drinks/events/85665792/ on 17 October, 19:00-21:00

Feel free to pass on the invitation, and if you write about it online please use the tag #cphdd

First round is on me! 

Med venlig hilsen,



The next CPH Data Drinks on 28 November!

Ton Zijlstra

Join the 2nd CPH Data Drinks on 28 November. Already 16 people have registered! See http://www.meetup.com/CPH-Data-Drinks/ for more info and details.

Date, time and place for upcoming Data Drinks meetups will also be announced on the front page (left-hand column) of this group

Although the main conversation language at Data Drinks meetups will probably be Danish (because the majority of Data Drinkers - whether from public sector bodies, businesses or civil society - speak Danish) non-Danish-speakers are very welcome at the meetups. We'll be happy to speak English with you.