OIOSAML.NET IdP demo SLO “There is no signature in the incoming message”

16-01-2012 10:02:43

A user has sent me the following tip that he found while doing a test with the Demo Idp and two Service Providers (not sure if this relates specifically to this problem). Here's the description and the code correction:


However if you try to log out from the second federated service provider, you get an error message stating that “There is no signature in the incoming message”.

After analyzing a bit the code in the Demo Identity Provider, I identified the method CreateLogoutRequest in the file Logout.ashx.cs as the potential origin of the bug. 

When I made the following change the test has been successful, where it says:

string xmloutput = request.GetXml().OuterXml;

It have modified:

XmlDocument requestDoc = request.GetXml();

XmlSignatureUtils.SignDocument(requestDoc, request.ID, IDPConfig.IDPCertificate);

string xmloutput = requestDoc.OuterXml;


Filer og referencer

Titel Type
Logout.ashx.cs - revision 5962 Ekstern reference

2 SP's 1 IdP

Jesper Niedermann

I had exactly the same problem. When using 2 different SP's and the demo IdP I got the "There is no signature in the incoming message" when logging out from one of them.

It seemed that the IdP would sent a redirect to the wrong SP. But the above mentioned fix, fixed the problem for me too.

I logged in to post this as a question. But lucky me. It was already answered. Thank you :)