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oiosaml.java 11220

The following have been included in this release:
* OCSP validation
* Refactored configuration logic and new configuration
  factory allowing plugin of custom configuration.

1.1 OCSP validation

Validation of IdP certificate chain is now possible using an OCSP responder.
It’s possible to configure the location of the responder or to use an access
location url specified in the IdP certificate.

1.2 Refactoring of configuration logic and new configuration factory

In order to allow a more customizable configuration, a refactoring has been
done through most of the configuration code base. A new configuration factory
allows programmers to create custom configuration classes based on the
interface located in the dk.itst.oiosaml.configuration package. The factory
pattern allows programmers to store the configuration in a file, a database,
etc. The work is based on a patch submitted by OpenMinds. Credits and
authorship is specified in the related source files.

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