Videodokumentar fra Open Gov Camp 2013 (dansk)

20-12-2013 13:45:35

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Open Gov Camp 2013 blev afholdt den 12. november 2013 i København. Digitaliseringsstyrelsen var vært for camp'en, som bestod af en række workshops, hvor borgere, virksomheder, foreninger, civilsamfundsorganisationer og offentlige myndigheder samarbejdede om forskellige emner inden for open government.

(Optagelse og klip: Arne Haugaard Kühne)


Open data survey

Claire Robert

Dear Cathrine Lippert, 

I am writing to you on behalf of a team of MA students working for the European Center for Government Transformation (ECGT) project which is a partnership between Accenture, the European Commission, the Lisbon Council and the College of Europe. The work of ECGT concerns preparing European public sector administration for adapting to the future of innovation and technology. (More information can be found here http://www.lisboncouncil.net/initiatives/european-centre-for-government-transformation/introduction.html.)

Our project is inspired by the following challenge: how to accelerate the open data revolution through its normalization in the form of a win win relationship for both producers and consumers of open data. Our case study is the City of Helsinki and how to scale up the project to the European level.

According to our research, your city has used Open Data very impressively and we are interested in surveying you to increase our understanding of best practice with regard to organizational aspects and relations with external stakeholders. We have prepared a questionnaire:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15gu6sHvFzzUfwuxrhQuX-f0VF4ZWQ3vlSaAhIW6Ww5I/viewform

It does not take more than 15 minutes to fill out and you are of course not obligated to answer every question if the information is regarded as sensitive. If you would prefer to answer this questionnaire in the format of a telephone or Skype conference, we would be open to organizing that.

Our results will be presented in a report to be published and presented at the Innovation Convention organized by the European Commission in mid-March of 2014 in Brussels. We would be pleased to send you the report when it is published at your request.

If you have any questions regarding our research or organization, we would be very pleased to answer them.

Thank you, 

With kind regards,

Claire Robert
Helsinki Open Data Project
European Center for Government Transformation


College of Europe I Collège d’Europe
Voltaire Promotion (2013-2014)
Department of Political and Administrative Studies
Département d’Etudes Politiques et Administratives