Raw input from the workshop “Government asks: What is the ideal digital policy of the 21st century? What should government do?” - 26-June-2009 #Reboot11

26-06-2009 17:07:51

The raw (unfiltered) input

“Government asks: What is the ideal digital policy of the 21st century?
What should government do?”

Friday Jun 26, 2009


Photos from the session
Thank you, thank you, Andreas Johannsen.


What’s in it for me? Who gets credit if I share my ideas with government?

Conversation between people and the politicians is key and should be encouraged

Continual conversation with the actual people who are going to implement the policy

How can you enable government agencies to become real participants

Government need to build trust first, before the people will contribute ideas

What can people do to help government to push through the changes that are proposed

Maybe government should do nothing and leave action up to people, just listen and respond to what happens

Digital literacy has many layers and is very important

Make it okay for government officials to speak up and join the conversation

Enable dialogue, collaboration, action

Focused co-creation

Stop saying “tell us what to do”, say “what can we do together”?

Wiki law making – open process

The public sector should start using one-man, start-up and small consultancies etc.
- maybe creating a special office that can facilitate this, a tender office for very small companies

Small business innovation research grants

It’s a challenge to involve ordinary people – we have to mimick the way they already know and use media

How about deciding that every citizen has the right to engage in creative work – should be supported financially to exercise this right, like e.g. a two-week grant

Keep the internet free (as in liberty), in Denmark and in EU – net neutrality

How to deal with the digital divide: one idea is to pose questions that relate directly to peoples’ lives.

Government shouldn’t compete with the market, don’t be afraid to lose control, don’t be afraid to give away public sector information.

Where’s the Danish Sunlight Foundation og MySociety – the activist movement

Civil servants are not educated to respond to suggestions from people

A challenge programme where people can pose challenges to public sector and rate the results

Conversation with government should continue throughout the entire policy process

Get MySociety/Sunlight Foundation to Denmark

How to get more people on the net/how to increase uptake speed?

Reboot is the elite'ish crowd, how to involve the housewife from Jutland? getting everybody to participate is not about the tools, it’s about cultural aspects

How can government help new small companies

Opret uddannelse i public consultation/facilitation

When government use consultants/choose vendors they should consider not always using large companies, but rather mirror the fact that the vast majority of Danish companies are small

Use crowd sourcing: New York Law School has launched a Peer2Patent initiative

Governement officials should be empowered to engage in open conversations with citizens

When producing content: talk to people about the content, don’t work in a vacuum

Open up government data, free data

It’s not a matter of ideas, it’s about doing and how it’s done. The ‘how’ is the ‘what’. Inviting to give ideas is an illusionary participation system. How to implement?

What if I as an outsider give you a task and rate your performance on solving it – voting for a person to do the job.

Involvement through the whole process, see review of power of information taskforce report, see stimuluswatch.org, egov20.wordpress.com

Lots of situations/spaces like Reboot to produce cultural transformation, empowerment, knowledge, etc. via action (doing), all ages, all regions, do not put attentionin infrastructure (politicians love this, but it’s old style)

Take the digital divide into account when designing the public sector, it literacy is a complex issue, it literacy should be learned from birth

Super initiativ, men når I gør det igen, tør spring ud over lysten til at strukturere debatten. Det skal vi nok klare.

How to enable government officials to be participants in communities?

Citizens are experts! I know more about building an internet start-up than anyone who has not done it. Please ask me.

Competition like Apps for Democracy in Belgium – received 35 prposals – INCA Award in Belgium www.inca-award.be egov20.wordpress.com

Wecollaborate.org - Pouline Middleton

Remember it's [not?] a question about structure or resources, but culture.

Do as little as possible – increase sensitivity to pressure from entrepreneurs.

Does the government have an official commitment to the delivery of access to an open, unfiltered internet? If not, why not di it just to be sure? (or is this just an American fear?)
- An American.

Does Denmark need a version of The Sunlight Foundation in the US?

Don't be afraid of losing control of data.

Deal with digital divide.

Don't think about it as a digital divide. See it as a digital stair (ladder).

Get outside our own mindset.

En laptop pr. child in school.

Enable. www.wecollaborate.org- From attitude to action.

Put the tool to work in contexts relevant to average people.

Don't compete with the market. Use it.

Keep the net free. No censorship EU!

Governments should build trust.

Gov .<<-->> small companies. Most stuff is done in small companies.

Small businesses innovative research grants.

Digital literacy education from birth.

OK to fail as government official.

Partner with universities (ITU, RUC, Sociology) to develop methodology for citizen-involvement! (and the media for doing so).

Don't be afraid to loose control.

Enable people.

Transparency in government.

To be it-creative you need a network of peers – you don't need government unless they can help you with funding the others.

Net neutrality.

A lot of Danish start ups are small but very talented... Don't make laws/regulations. Just hire/use services that works!

Open Data like US.

Word => action.

Broadband needs to be defined as access to the open internet.

Keep conversation alive between citizens and the policy implementors. Plan that in your visions.

Gov.: Keep the money.

“Sunlight foundation” in DK. Invite US people to share experiences.

Use tools as tools. Not as end.

Is so different Denmark to the rest of the EU?? So maybe we can develop on-going knowledge and try to implement adaptang locally 30-40%

Enable- people, dialogue, dig. literacy.

Government – small companies. Build something small in 6 months.

USA: Small Business Innovative Research. (SBIR).
Government Identified Products Funded.

Open the structure of law/regulation making – open and transparent.

Every citizen receives a grant for one week of creative work.


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Norsk idékonkurrence netop afsluttet

Kristoffer Olsen

Den norske avis Dagens Næringsliv kårede netop i går vinderne af en idékonkurrence under overskriften "Hvordan bliver Norge smartere".

Konkurrencen modtog så vidt jeg kan forstå 90 forslag og de 3 vindere er beskrevet nærmere i denne artikel.

De vindende forslag synes i en dansk optik desværre ikke videre vidtløftige og nogle af dem minder mig nærmest om elevator pitches fra de glade .com-dage i slut-halvfemserne.

Og Apps for America 2 finalisterne (http://govpulse.us/http://www.thisweknow.org/ og http://www.datamasher.org/)  er fundet og nu er det op til folket at stemme om vinderen: http://www.sunlightlabs.com/blog/2009/08/24/apps-america-finalists/

I den britiske konkurrence Show Us  A Better Way var der også en del forslag, som måske ikke umiddelbart virkede så imponerende, men alt tyder på, at konkurrencen har haft en kolossal betydning for opmærksomheden om Gov2.0, offentlig service, inddragelse af brugerne, åbne offentlige data og nye innovationsformer.

I Belgium fik man ved INCA Awards 35 bidrag indsendt på ganske kort tid - og her var tale om kørende løsninger udviklet specielt til konkurrencen!

[slettet indlaeg]

Hvis du ikke kender sammenhængen behøver du måske ikke kommentere?

Det var fra en workshop på www.reboot.dk og har meget lidt med Strategi for Digital Forvaltning 2007-2010 at gøre.

Projektet fokuserer på det Digitale Danmark, dvs. HELE Danmark og hvad har vi af behov for at nå den vision i 2013. Workshoppen er en forløber for en lidt mere struktureret indsats på den anden side af sommerferien, hvor der helt sikkert vil blive mulighed for at give feedback (konstruktivt).