oiosaml.java 2.0.0

OIOSAML for Java release 2.0.0 has been made available. This release marks a series of structural changes

  • We have changed the versioning scheme from [svn-commit-id] to semantic versionering (major.minor.patch), where this is the first, with the version number 2.0.0
  • We have started using Maven as the build-tool
  • The binary artifacts are no longer distributed through digitaliser.dk, but as Maven dependencies (read more below)

Code repository

The code is still available through Softwarebørsen SVN, and can be located here


Maven repository

The binary artifacts are distributed as Maven dependencies, and can be located here



This release contains the following changes

  • improved error messaging in sitations that happens often (revoked certificates, missing strong crypto, etc etc)
  • updated to use the latest version of the OpenSAML 2.x series
  • now supports that Identity Providers uses different certificates for signing/encryption
  • support repeated claimtypes
  • improved handling of revocation checking
  • fixed all broken unittests
  • explicit handling of NETs test-environment with regard to revocation checking
  • updated demo application with valid certificates