Liberty Basic SOAP Binding Version 1.0

29-09-2009 08:15:55

Identity-based web services are expected to play an important role in enabling services that spans organisational borders since they allow IT systems to be connected in a secure, privacy-respecting and interoperable manner.

The present profile is intended to be a basic, scaled-down version of the Liberty ID-WSF 2.0 SOAP Binding Specification [LIB-SOAP] and Security Mechanisms 2.0 ([LIB-SEC] and [LIB-SAMLP]). The basic profile adopts mandatory elements from these specifications such that a Web Service Consumer implementing the profile should be able to invoke a Web Service Provider implementing the full Liberty SOAP binding (but not vice versa).

In order to keep the profile basic, self-contained1 and easy to implement without knowledge on the other Liberty specifications, the profile is not a sub-profile of the other Liberty specifications. Instead, this document profiles the WS-Addressing SOAP Binding [WSAv1.0-SOAP] and WS-Security [WSS] directly. Thus, mandatory elements and processing rules from the Liberty SOAP binding are duplicated here and the profile can thus be read and implemented independently. Other, non-Liberty specifications including SOAP, WS-Security and WS-Addressing are referenced and not embedded here in order to keep the profile light-weight. It is believed that many application developers will not have to implement these specifications from scratch because they are supported in their development tools, messaging middleware and application servers.



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