Online Education Database

27-05-2010 12:55:13

The UNESCO/OECD/EUROSTAT (UOE) database on education statistics is compiled on the basis of national administrative sources, reported by Ministries of Education or National Statistical offices according to international standards, definitions and classifications.  The collected annual data cover the outputs of educational institutions, the policy levers that shape educational outputs, the human and financial resources invested in education, structural characteristics of education systems, and the economic and social outcomes of education. The main purpose of this database is to produce and publish indicators and analysis on the operation, evolution and impact of education, from early childhood through formal education to learning and training throughout life.  The main publications based on these data are the annual publications Education at a Glance and Education Policy Analysis.

All the definitions and conventions used in the underlying data collection, as well as the methodologies used to compile the published statistics and indicators derived from them, are presented in the OECD Handbook for Internationally Comparative Education Statistics: Concepts, Standards, Definitions and Classifications

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