oiosaml.java - Updated JDBC package to enable table and column name customization

22-11-2010 13:40:21

I'm adding this feature on behalf of Claudio Bisegni, Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), who has been so kind to share this feature that he has developed. 

During his clustering implementation he found that the Oracle database that they use for the project has some bindings on the use of the column name timestamp (keyword). Hence he added the feature to configure the table and column names.

Attached is a zip-file (updated_package_dk.itst.oiosaml.sp.service.session.jdbc.zip) with the updated files from the dk.itst.oiosaml.sp.service.session.jdbc package, based on revision 5783.

Notice: this has not been added to trunk, but is shared here until next development cycle. If you need this feature you can download the zip-file below and build your own release, by adding this to a checkout from SVN.

Here's an example snippet from the property-file:



oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable.assertions = oiosaml_assertions

oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable.assertions.timestamp = atimestamp

oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable.requests = oiosaml_requests

oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable.requestdata = oiosaml_requestdata


as you can see oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable. is base configuration for table and to specify the column you need to concatenate column name to table name like;


if no oiosaml-sp.sessionhandler.dbtable is provided the default name are used.


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