Technical Integration v1.38


Den samlede, tekniske dokumentation for teknisk integration til Digital Post.

Word version af gældende og forrige version er tilgængelig til sammenligning.

Opdateres løbende som funktionalitet udbygges. 

Senest opdateret: 01-06-2023, v1.38

Bemærk v1.37 ikke har været udgivet.

Updated the following

  • Domain names
    • Updated External IP for the domain to access the REST API by sender and receiver systems using mutual SSL
  • Querying and searching resources
  • Querying Contacts
    • Details about the query parameter isBulkLookup
  • Encoding format whitelist for files of documents
    • Added additional documents
  • Exporting certificates for upload to Administrative Access
    • Sending messages using the SMTP protocol will be faced out 30 June 2023 16 August 2023
  • Event log services
    • Link to a full comprehensive list of all events stored in the event log
  • Creating and working with drafts
    • Usage of generic identity id in access requests
  • Front-end validation and error codes in the Viewclient
  • Back-end validation and error codes in distribution
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the API
  • HTML whitelist for document validation
    • Updated elements and attributes

Digital Post - Technical Integration v1.38.pdf

Digital Post - Technical Integration v1.38.docx

Digital Post - Technical Integration v1.36.docx


Events In Event-log.xlsx